Tutorial: How to Prepare for Mobile Apps

Organizing your thoughts for Mobile Apps

Million Dollar Idea:
So you got a killer idea about an app that you think is going to make you a millionaire or at least get you close to retirement.  Also, you are an iPhone/iPad or Android fanatic when it comes to apps.  You know what makes a great app but think at times by looking at other good apps that "darn it! Why didn't I think of that idea first?".  Well, now that you have your own idea, you are beginning to think - it takes a little more that just an idea to publish this App in the public domain.

It is good to have aspiration for your app.  But you also have to be practical.  One of the biggest headaches for your app will be feature updates and bug fixes.  You can't simply hire a person to build an app and let him/her go. Today's world is ever-changing and in order to keep your users using your app, you have to constantly evolve with the users mindset as well as with the change demand of technology.

Apple vs Android (either or both?)
Which platform would you like to write your app in?  Apple only or both Apple & Android or Android only?  These depend on your budget because each of these platforms are written with two separate programming languages. Each will cost you separately to develop and to maintain.

User Demographic:
It is important for you to know what user demographic you are trying to target.  Are your users going to be kids or adults or both? Male or female?  Is your app going to target a particular behavior?  You need to be in sync to understand the psychology of the users at all times during the usage of your app.

Types of App:
It is widely known that any app that has been successful either has entertainment value such as a game or a useful tool for your daily personal or business life. Once you have an app idea, ensure if you can bring in either entertainment or tool aspect to your app.  If your app is naturally adaptable by your target audience without changing their basic day-to-day behavior, chances of your app being successful is high.

Choosing the right Programmer(s):
If you are a programmer yourself, no worries about the understanding about what needs to be done to develop your app.  However, if you have to work with one or two programmers, you need to be ready with your idea and also transfer that idea into something tangible such as a mock-up or presentation. You also need to understand how long the app will take to develop, test, fix all the bugs and be deployed for use.

Merchandising your app:
After your app has been developed and ready to deploy, you have to think about your financial benefit. Do you want to offer your app for free with banner ads or do you want to offer a lite version to get the users to want the "paid" pro version.  How much will you charge for your app?  How much would your programmer(s) demand and then how much can you really keep for yourself?  Mobile apps may be used for customer retention also which has financial benefit.

Credit card account setup:
You need to setup a merchant account with Apple, Google or a third party so you can charge for your app. Portion of your proceeds will go to Apple or Google

Once your App is on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, how are you going to get the word out?  This is by far the biggest piece of your endeavor in making your App a successful one.

Budget for Constant Upkeep with users behavior and technology changes:
After you had users to download and install your App. Be sure to keep your thoughts sharpened and plan on constantly update/upgrade your App.  Your App not only have to keep up with the new thoughts but also need to be updated with iOS and Android OS updates.