Tutorial: How to build your own website

You want to build your own website?  Here is what you need to start with.

  1. Make a comprehensive list of your products & services
  2. Write a small history or inspiration behind your products & services
  3. Have your contact information ready for your prospects to get in touch with you
  4. Create an attractive logo and a tag line that explains what you have to offer 
  5. Illustrations, Videos & Images do more than thousand words
  6. Write search engine rich content throughout your website
  7. Be sure to get your sales & marketing folks involved 
  8. Create a time-line to go-live with your new website and stick to the plan
  9. Carefully choose a web design partner and explain what you desire
  10. Budget for design (one-time cost) and hosting (on going maintenance)

The above are fairly basic due diligence for you to get started on your custom website.  You can expand on the above into other items such as these:

  • Testimonials from your existing customers
  • In depth information on your products and services
  • Application photos and images
  • Articles that supports your offerings
  • Press releases and forums
  • Social media links
  • Online viewable catalog of your products with descriptions and images
  • Shopping Cart if you want to sell your products
  • Connecting you to a secure merchant service for the credit card transactions
  • Tie you to shipping companies such as FedEx or UPS for accurate shipping and handling calculations
  • Integrate your website data to your financial software such as QuickBooks

We get you started at a pace that is most practical to get online as soon as possible with minimal marketable content and features.  We can build your desired features in modular fashion without redesigning your website as time moves on, which ultimately keeps your budget under control. 

Example: http://www.imaginedesigncenter.com/