FazTrack Methodology to your solution

When you have a concept or business idea, you have to be mindful of the methodology used for implementation.  Many hours and money are lost during the initial and development phase for the lack of proper methodology from concept to development to implementation.  The following will help you understand our approach to your business solution. 

Unlike conventional software companies FazTrack always starts from your the Top-to-the-beginning instead of beginning-to-top.

1. Interview key personnel with in the company
2. Define reports that are necessary to monitor performance
3. Wire frame UIs to capture data points necessary for data mining, work flow and report generation
4. Before a single piece of code is written we sit down numerous times to define business logics, workflow and report formats which saves our clients 1000s of dollars
5. Change management is maintained thru a series of meetings and an internal CRM system we use

Current customers of FazTrack Technology are heavily dependent on FazTrack implemented solutions as their primary mode of conducting business. FazTrack makes it easy to keep in touch with key mangers and employees to keep up with requests and changes on an ongoing basis.

FazTrack Technology comprises of full-time Microsoft .NET programmers, project managers, graphic designers, data entry operators, trainers and QA Managers. Should the need arise; FazTrack has the resources to plug in programmers from other areas within a very short time frame.