Redefine Your System Performance

As we are an IT support company we can integrate to the success of your business. We can ensure that your IT services will work properly with the smallest amount of downtime possible. We take great satisfaction in being one of the best IT support firms in the country. We assess your requirements and offer you a tailored solution that is both quick and dependable as well as we can regularly check your network to guarantee that it is operating at peak efficiency. We will manage your network for you at FAZTRACK, freeing you up to focus on more important things.

Our dedicated IT support team ensures your end-to-end IT needs. From planning, migration, and deployment, our experienced team can deploy different kinds of cloud solutions and your IT projects from conception to deployment. We FAZTRACK work closely with our clients, appointing dedicated managers to manage the ongoing needs of their organizations. In addition to resolving the daily IT issues that threaten the productivity of your business, FAZTRACK will proactively monitor your network to optimize performance and provide advice to you on business continuity and disaster recovery planning.




Server and Services

We can help you plan, develop, set up, implement, and maintain your IT infrastructure. Create documentation for your server’s routine snaps and use management tools to keep track of all issues that are fixed. Examine your remaining disk capacity, as well as any servers and partitions. Enable performance-logging reports and review them. With a threshold snapshot of a stable system, you can keep track of your server’s performance. Manage exchange servers, as well as monitoring the operation of the server’s installed roles and capabilities.

Microsoft Users and Workstations

Update your workstations with Microsoft critical updates and patches. Verify your workstation’s anti-virus software is running correctly. We can audit Active Directory user accounts against actual User Accounts. Monitor Workstation system performance. For your software deployment, we can set up an isolated Linux system.

Backup and File migration

During your server’s downtime, we backup your data using a variety of backup techniques. Transferring a production server file to a shared map drive. Keep an eye on the tape backup logs for previous run success or failure. We’ll verify the age of your backup media and replace it at the right time. To manually verify read/write, perform a backup spot check. Resolve any backup issues you may have.

IT Security

Your Risk management services will be resolved by us. We can ensure that your email security solutions are up to par (Anti-spam). Provide solutions and services for your network firewalls. Virus and spyware protection for your computer on a continuous basis. Detection and prevention of intrusions on a continuous basis. We can help you recover from a disaster. We may also verify IT policies and governance (Poppy compliance) and web content filtering. For your convenience, we will supply virtual private networking (VPN) and domain solutions.

Virtualization and Cloud services

FAZTRACK will help reduce your dependency on physical devices through the different types of virtualization. We also offer  you mobile and flexible cloud options. Private cloud Infrastructure Application and storage hosting on premise high availability Cloud-based solutions.